Is Linux RedHat 10 Released?

Days until RedHat 10 is officially released

RedHat 10 release is planned to be in 2025


You can check the version of Red Hat Linux by running the command:
cat /etc/redhat-release
This will display the version number of your Red Hat Linux installation.

About Linux Red Hat

Red Hat Linux is a Linux distribution created by the company Red Hat. Red Hat is peculiar because it is not at all free to use. Red Hat is a subsidiary company of IBM, and it offers support and solutions for companies to use Linux in their daily operations. Some features of Red Hat are available for individual users to download, but it is not the full package, and it is definitely a more company-oriented operating system.

This distribution features arguably the best support for any distribution, which is, of course, expected when it is being charged for, especially for the amounts that businesses pay to access the full potential of a Linux operating system. Companies utilize Linux Red Hat for their regular operations and running their company software in a controlled environment. Linux Red Hat is particularly useful here because of the extremely fast cybersecurity features that keep safe the massive data flow that a business generates.

Linux Red Hat has other properties worth discussing here. Being a business-service-oriented operating system, the distro features very effective training systems to make sure that any user can become proficient at the slightly different way of functioning to what one may be used to. Red Hat also flaunts its impeccable product testing before releasing, knowing that many businesses rely on the stability and well-functioning of the system.


The current release of Red Hat allows for an individual to download most of the main features to 16 machines (nodes) or less, meaning that small businesses could still leverage it. The stable release nowadays is 8.4, released on May 18th, 2021. There is not a clear indication of when the next version will be released, or what exactly will come with it.